Meldrew is an IRC bot written in Python for playing Interactive Fiction games while on IRC. Meldrew presently depends on either glkzip or nitfol, a patched cheapglk (for security and prompt fixes), irclib, and at least one game.

(Note: There is a significantly more featureful bot (ifbot) available. I'm not involved in the project, but it's at least up to date with current Python 2.x.)

Meldrew files

Status (2011/05/31):
Win32 binaries, built with MinGW for someone setting up Meldrew under Windows.

Status (2001/12/11):
0.1.1 has been released. This version includes a license, and some minor code cleanups. 0.1 really wasn't quite ready for public viewing, but I was trying to force myself into doing something with the bot.

meldrew.txt is now included, so there is some limited documentation, and the sample config files are now present.

Status (2001/12/10):
Meldrew is presently partially complete. It depends on a correct installation of at least one cheapglk-based interpreter (I usually use cheapnitfol), and some configuration.

The patch cheapglk.diff is necessary, as it adjusts a couple of input and output conditions (so that prompts aren't eaten), and removes directories from written files, to prevent saves from tromping over the system.

The other patches are for interpreters and add support for specific environment variables, so that the game files can be stored in a central location. (So, the zcode interpreters (glkzip, nitfol) will search INFOCOM_PATH and ZCODE_PATH, and glulxe will search GLULX_PATH. The latter should probably be ULX_PATH, but that's OK.)

Documentation forthcoming.


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