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Freyja 3d modeling system

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The forums are the best means to get help.

The IRC channel #freyja on IRC network.

Found a bug? Use the bug tracker.

You can also send me an email.


Freyja 3d is a modeler and animator focusing on low polygon game content with wide range of model import/export plugins. Freyja has some unique features such as Lua macros, tools for reverse engineering, and use of GLSL shaders while editing. Currently supported platforms: Linux, PS3Linux, Windows, and OS X

The modeler and main libraries are written mostly in C++ with bindings for C, Lua, and Python. The user interface is written in a custom Gtk+ 2.0 binding for Lua, which means it is possible to customize the interface to your needs just by editing a few simple scripts. Included are a domain specific STL, physics library, and material system. Also there are tools for batch conversion, offline processing, and data extraction.


Ryan at for providing this project with SVN and web hosting, and his support for the Linux community.