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Bitstream is a GPL'd game project, created from scratch. The code is C++ with the wonderful SDL, and OpenGL libraries. At the moment the code is only available in the Subversion repository and compiles and runs on Linux, Windows (via cygwin), Mac OS X, and Solaris 8. You can feel free to checkout the Subversion repository at your leisure. Screenshots of the game in progress are available on shots. There will not be a release until there is at least an hour of actual gameplay. The end product will be an action game something along the lines of StarFox for the Super NES.
The bitstream staff consists of:
Jeff Mrochuk - Lead Programmer, Game Designer
You can e-mail Jeff at
His website url is

Dan "theoddone33" Olson - Programmer
You can e-mail theoddone33 at
His website url is

Zachary "zakk" Slater - Web Designer, QA, Game Advisor
You can e-mail zakk at
His website url is